Notes for Figure 6H-40—Typical Application 40 Median Crossover for an Entrance Ramp


1. The typical application illustrated should be used for carrying an entrance ramp across a closed directional roadway of a divided highway.

2. A temporary acceleration lane should be used to facilitate merging.

3. When used, the YIELD or STOP sign should be located far enough forward to provide adequate sight distance of oncoming mainline vehicular traffic to select an acceptable gap, but should not be located so far forward that motorists will be encouraged to stop in the path of the mainline traffic. If needed, yield or stop lines should be installed across the ramp to indicate the point at which road users should yield or stop. Also, a longer acceleration lane should be provided beyond the sign to reduce the gap size needed.


4. If vehicular traffic conditions allow, the ramp may be closed.

5. A broken edge line may be carried across the temporary entrance ramp to assist in defining the through vehicular traffic lane.

6. When a temporary traffic barrier is used to separate opposing vehicular traffic, the Two-Way Traffic signs and the DO NOT ENTER signs may be eliminated.