07 The following are the seven fundamental principles of TTC:
1. General plans or guidelines should be developed to provide safety for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians,
workers, enforcement/emergency officials, and equipment, with the following factors being considered:
A. The basic safety principles governing the design of permanent roadways and roadsides should also
govern the design of TTC zones. The goal should be to route road users through such zones using
roadway geometrics, roadside features, and TTC devices as nearly as possible comparable to those for
normal highway situations.
B. A TTC plan, in detail appropriate to the complexity of the work project or incident, should be prepared
and understood by all responsible parties before the site is occupied.
Any changes in the TTC plan should shall be approved by an official who is knowledgeable (for
example, trained and/or certified) in proper TTC practices the Engineer or the Engineer’s designee of
the public agency or authority having jurisdiction over the highway.