Notes for Figure 6H-43—Typical Application 4Partial Exit Ramp Closure



  1. Truck off-tracking should be considered when determining whether the minimum lane width of 10 feet is adequate (see Section 6G.08).


  1. The RAMP NARROWS (W5­4) sign and ON RAMP (W13­4P) plaque shall not be used in California. The ROAD NARROWS (W5­1) sign or NARROW LANE(S) (C12(CA)) sign, as appropriate, shall be used instead. See Sections 2C.19 and 6F.102(CA).


  1. For planned partial ramp closure, consideration should be given to closing the entire exit ramp. Refer to Department of Transportation’s Standard Plan T14. See Section 1A.11 for information regarding this publication.