Notes for Figure 6H-25 and 6H25A(CA—Typical Application 2Multiple Lane Closures at an Intersection



  1. If the work space extends across a crosswalk, the crosswalk should be closed using the information andevices shown in Figure 6H-29.
  2. If the left through lane is closed on the near-side approach, the LEFT LANE MUST TURN LEFT sign should be placed in the median to discourage through vehicular traffic from entering the left-turn bay.



  1. The normal procedure is to close on the near side of the intersection any lane that is not carried through the intersection (seFigur6H-25A(CA))



  1. If the left-turning movement that normally uses the closed turn bay is small and/or the gaps in opposinvehicular traffic are frequent, left turns may be permitted on that approach.
  2. Flashing warning lights and/or flags may be used to call attention to the advance warning signs.