Notes for Figure 6H-20—Typical Application 2Detour for a Closed Street




  1. This plan should be used for streets without posted route numbers.
  2. On multi-lane streets, Detour signs with an Advance Turn Arrow should be used in advance of a turn.



  1. Flashing warning lights and/or flags may be used to call attention to the advance warning signs.
  2. Flashing warning lights may be used on Type 3 Barricades.
  3. Detour signs may be located on the far side of intersections. A Detour sign with an advance arrow may be used in advance of a turn.
  4. A Street Name sign may be mounted with the Detour sign. The Street Name sign may be either white on green or black on orange.



  1. When used, the Street Name sign shall be placed above the Detour sign.



  1. See Figure 6H-9 for the information for detouring a numbered highway.