Notes for Figure 6H-11—Typical Application 1Lane Closure on a Two-Lane Road with Low Traffic Volumes




  1. This TTC zone application may be used as an alternate to the TTC application shown in Figure 6H-10 6H-10(CA(using flaggers) when the following conditions exist:

a. Vehicular traffic volume is such that sufficient gaps exist for vehicular traffic that must yield.

b. Road users from both directions are able to see approaching vehicular traffic through and beyond the worksite and have sufficient visibility of approaching vehicles.

  1. The Type B flashing warning lights may be placed on the ROAD WORK AHEAD and the ONE LANE ROAD AHEAD signs whenever a night lane closure is necessary.



  1. The approach to the side that is not closed shall be visible (for a distance equal to the safe passing sight distance for that approach) to the driver who must yield or stop.



         See Section 3B.02 and 6C.15.