Notes for Figure 6H-2—Typical Application 2 Blasting Zone


  1. Whenever blasting caps are used within 1,000 feet of a roadway, the signing shown shall be used.
  2. The signs shall be covered or removed when there are no explosives in the area or the area is otherwise secure.
  3. Whenever a side road intersects the roadway between the BLASTING ZONE AHEAD sign and the END BLASTING ZONE sign, or a side road is within 1,000 feet of any blasting cap, similar signing, as on the mainline, shall be installed on the side road.
  4. Prior to blasting, the blaster in charge shall determine whether road users in the blasting zone will be endangered by the blasting operation. If there is danger, road users shall not be permitted to pass through the blasting zone during blasting operations.


  1. On a divided highway, the signs should be mounted on both sides of the directional roadways.