Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Taken from the contract bid documents:

The services to be performed by CONTRACTOR shall consist of services requested by the Project Director and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
The scope of work for this Agreement shall provide for traffic control services, in accordance with the 2014 California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (“CA MUTCD”) Revision 3 (“Rev 3”), to support weekend shutdown construction activities for the C55 interlocking renewal project and the R65 interlocking renewal project. Construction activities shall include the movement of a crane, trucks, heavy equipment and maintenance personnel, which will mobilize in the area affecting traffic and shall require road closures. The traffic control service shall provide 24-hour service coverage including weekends and holidays as needed. The traffic control CONTRACTOR shall provide the required signage, equipment and flaggers, in accordance with the 2014 California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (“CA MUTCD”) Revision 3 (“Rev 3”), to allow BART maintenance access for renewal construction.

Client: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure

CMC designed and implemented the traffic controls on this job, including the extended closure of 3rd St, a major light rail corridor in San Francisco.

From SFMTA’s website:

In anticipation of the new Golden State Warriors’ Chase Center and the growth in jobs, housing, healthcare and retail in the Mission Bay, the SFMTA is constructing a new center platform along 3rd Street between South and 16th streets.

Client: Graniterock

Owner: Caltrain

The San Mateo Daily Journal noted that this project was completed ahead of schedule.  CMC removed and installed thermoplastic pavement markings, installed roadside signs, and designed and installed temporary traffic controls for all trades.

From Caltrain’s website:

Caltrain began work to improve the safety at 15 grade crossings (places where streets cross the tracks) along the corridor from San Francisco to San Jose in June 2018. Improvements included more clearly-marked pedestrian crossings with new paint striping and lettering; tactile pavement markers; and guardrails. Medians were also installed or improved at eight locations.

Client: Nibbi Brothers

Owner: San Francisco International Airport

CMC striped the parking stalls of the 6 floor garage, as well as the striping and signage on the exterior, and improvements in the old garage.