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Bay Area Bike Share is a regional bike share system, providing residents with an additional transporation option that is healthy, simple, and affordable. Curently, the system consists of 700+ bikes and 70+ stations around the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose and East Bay. Motivate currently aims to expand the bicycle fleet 10 times the current amount, from 700+ bicycles to over 7000+ bicycles. CMC performs traffic control, designs the traffic control plans, and installs the pavement markings for Motivate when they install new bike share stations. More details can be found on the following two websites: Bay Area Bike Share and Motivate. 

CMC performing traffic control while a new bike share station is put into place for the Bay Area Bike Share and Motivate

CMC installing pavement markings for the Bay Area Bike Share station on Folsom St and 1st St in San Francisco