Bay Area Bike Share is a regional bike share system, providing residents with an additional transporation option that is healthy, simple, and affordable. Curently, the system consists of 700+ bikes and 70+ stations around the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose and East Bay. Motivate currently aims to expand the bicycle fleet 10 times the current amount, from 700+ bicycles to over 7000+ bicycles. CMC performs traffic control, designs the traffic control plans, and installs the pavement markings for Motivate when they install new bike share stations. More details can be found on the following two websites: Bay Area Bike Share and Motivate. 

CMC performing traffic control while a new bike share station is put into place for the Bay Area Bike Share and Motivate

CMC installing pavement markings for the Bay Area Bike Share station on Folsom St and 1st St in San Francisco






The City and County of San Francisco Airport Comission together with Nibbi Brother General ContractorKwan Henmi Architecture and FMG Architects, is constructing a Long Term Parking Garage #2 which is to be a 6-story building located adjacent to the current SFO Long Term Parking structure on South Airport Boulevard. However, before the second parking garage is to be constructed an interim requirement is to provide additional parking spaces and reroute the current long term parking shuttle service, while the project is underway. CMC, working with Evans Brothers Inc., is grinding out and removing parking stalls and pavement markings in the path of the new bus route. CMC is also in charge of installing the bus route, bus route signage, new ADA parking stalls, and the project sign.

CMC pouring 4000psi concrete footing for the SFO Long Term Parking Garage #2 Project Sign

CMC grinding out existing parking stalls and pavement markings in the path of the new route for the SFO Long Term Parking Shuttle

New SFO Long Term Parking Shuttle bus route striping installation and corresponding traffic control signs




The Transbay Joint Powers Authority together with Gordon N Ball, Inc. is currently removing the 1st Street temporary trestle in San Francisco. The project will be completed in two main phases requiring full re-striping of the road using traffic paint. CMC designed and is implementing the traffic control plans. CMC provided the traffic control services in order to perform lane closures to re-stripe the street safely and minimalizing the traffic delays. More details are available on the Transbay Center site.

Example plan of the re-striping

Example Traffic Control Plan

1st Street Re-Striping with Traffic Control Set Up


Clients: Dragados/Flatiron/Sukut JV

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission together with Dragados USA, Flatiron and Sukut JV is currently replacing the Calaveras Dam in Sunol, California. The project will replace the original dam, built in 1925, with a new 210-foot-high earth and rock fill dam designed to accommodate earthquakes on the Calaveras Fault. CMC designed the traffic controls for various sign-installation tasks. More details are available on the Calaveras Dam Replacement website.

"Bicyclists - Share The Road" signs are being installed.

Installing speed limit signs using gas-powered auger.


Client: Ranger Pipelines

The residences and businesses in the Town of Sunol who are served by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) receive their water from the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System. Currently the number of hydrants and flows are inadequate for fire suppression purposes. The Town of Sunol Fire Suppression System Project will address these issues. In this project, CMC designed the traffic control plans for pipe main installation using a One-Lane-Reversible method with two flaggers on each end. CMC’s goal is to provide a safe working environment for the field workers while making sure that the traffic flow remains smooth and unobstructed. CMC also provided flagging services to Ranger, as well as equipment rental, on an as-needed basis. More details are available on the Fire Suppression System Project website.

CMC's certified flagger is allowing traffic through the work zone using a reversible lane.

CMC's certified flagger is allowing traffic through the work zone using a reversible lane.

Client: Dixon Marine / City of Alameda

This project involves the dredging and disposing of bottom sediments from the Alameda South Shore Lagoons and place it at Alameda Site IR 1. The material to be dredged is believed to consist of a layer of soft sediment, with sand and clay. There may also be storm related debris, shell, clay, sand, silt, mud, trash and combinations thereof. CMC designed and implemented the traffic control plans that allowed Dixon Marine to access the lagoons. The goal here is to cause the least possible obstruction and inconvenience to public traffic during dredging operations. More details are available on the Alameda South Shore Lagoons project website.

Lane Shit on Broadway in AlamedaLane Shift on Broadway in Alameda